Festival de Cine Latino

Palace cinemas
CINE LATINO: A New Festival of Latin American Cinema is the first national festival dedicated
to exploring the diverse and exciting Latin American cinema of now. The program brings together
the best new films from Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Colombia,
Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.
Designed to provide audiences with the chance to experience the sights, sounds and stories of
Latin America, CINE LATINO will showcase over 30 films this August exclusively at Palace
Cinemas nationally.
Highlights from this year’s program include the Opening Night offering NERUDA by multi-award
winning Chilean director Pablo Larraín (Tony Manero, No, The Club). Starring Gael García Bernal,
the film is a noir-infused reimagining of the Nobel Prize-winning poet and politician Pablo Neruda’s
struggle with the Chilean state.
From Paraguay and Argentina comes GUARANI (pronounced wa-ra-nee), an unexpected road trip
movie that gently unwinds a quiet and deeply moving story about the real meaning of traditions
and family bonds. Featuring veteran actor Emilio Barreto as Atilio a proud indigenous Guarani man
who lives on the riverway and insists on maintaining traditional lines despite the ever encroaching
modern world.
Echoing the experiences of Cuba over the last few decades, Irene Gutiérrez Torres and Javier
Labrador’s poetic documentary HOTEL NUEVA ISLA sensitively deploys fly-on-wall techniques to
compile an intimate portrait of Jorge de Los Ríos Vega, the last inhabitant of a once luxurious hotel
who refuses to leave the now dilapidated guesthouse.
From official selection at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival comes THE BRIBE OF
HEAVEN by experienced filmmaker Lisandro Duque Naranjo (The Invisible Children). The black
comedy takes place in a small and devoutly Catholic village in the Colombian Andes in the 1970s.
It’s Easter when the family of a suicide victim tries to make arrangements for his burial only to find
that the new local priest (a standout performance by Germán Jaramillo) holds fast to the doctrine
of denying church burial to suicides.
Meanwhile, the Argentinian HOW TO WIN ENEMIES from rising star director Gabriel Lichtmann
(Jews in Space) is a strong offbeat comedy with overtones reminiscent of early Woody Allen.
And from the island of Puerto Rico comes FRAGMENTS OF LOVE an erotic drama by Fernando
Vallejo based on the novel by acclaimed Colombian writer, Héctor Abad Faciolince.
The full program will be announced on 12 July.